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Complete Qbcore Scripts

Complete server based on QBCore, fully optimized, updated to Official v3.6, contains more than 150 original and mythical QB resources, ready for you to start your server with a good base of the best quality in the market.

QB Framework Official + Full Server 2022.

■ More than 150 official QB resources.

■ Fully configured for mumble-VoIP.

■ Completely updated and optimized database (resmon 2.50).

■ Updated Qb-core for new resource versions.

■ Full server, just install and start playing.

■ Includes all mythical QB tasks.

■ Base entirely created by Brooke Quincy for QB.

Why Choose Fivem Shop For Qbcore Scripts?

Fivem Store provides a Complete server based on QBCore Scripts. Latest 2022 QBCore Scripts updated to Official v3.6.fully optimized QBCore Script.

We believe in easy access to things that are good for our community. With a clever offering, superb support, and a secure checkout you’re in good hands.