garages script fivem
Garage (Advanced system, player-owned garages, impounds and more)

Garage (Advanced system, player-owned garages, impounds and more)



Garages script fivem , garages script esx , Advanced system, player-owned garages, impounds and more

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garages script fivem


  • Public Garages:
    • Add as many public garages around the map as you want.
    • Supports ‘car’, ‘boat’ and ‘aircraft’, you can add other types as well.
    • Configurable blip, marker and name for each and every garage.
    • Vehicle is saved in the garage it’s parked in.
    • Players can transfer vehicles from one garage to another (can disable in config.)
  • Job Garages:
    • Add job garages around the map.
    • Supports ‘car’, ‘boat’ and ‘aircraft’, you can add other types as well.
    • Configurable blip, marker and name for each and every garage
    • Select between, ‘spawner’, ‘society’ or ‘both’, in terms of vehicles;
      • ‘spawner’ allows job players to spawn vehicles, which are not owned.
      • ‘society’ allows job players to spawn vehicle, where owner column in database is their job name.
      • ‘both’ gives job players ability to select between either of those options in the job garage menu.
    • For spawned vehicles, add whitelisted jobs, model, label and job grades.
  • Private Garages:
    • Add as many private garages around the map.
    • Players can buy one private garage and store their vehicles inside it, depends on the size (2,6,10) (just like GTA:Online).
    • Vehicle damage is visible inside the garage.
    • See vehicle fuel and engine health when entering a vehicle.
  • Impounds:
    • Add as many impounds as you want.
    • Set type for each impound in config.
    • Configurable blip & marker settings for each impound.
    • Command and export function included to impound a vehicle.
    • Police can seize a vehicle with /seize and only police can release seized vehicles from their Police Impound Register menu.
  • Extra/Livery:
    • Players can change liveries and adjust extras on vehicles.
    • Add extra/livery markers around the map.
    • Restricted to certain configurable vehicle classes.
  • Other Features:
    • Vehicle damage (doors, windows and tires) is saved (instructions in documentation).
    • Command to see a list of owned vehicles, which garage they are stored in and some other useful info.
    • Integrate the impound export in your current resources to impound a vehicle when it’s deleted and so on.


  • ESX 1.2 and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)
  • K4MB1 Garage Shells Pack 87 [OPTIONAL] [INCLUDED]


  • The resource is fully unlocked and not obfuscated.
  • It’s almost fully configurable and it’s done through the config.lua file.
  • Translation is done through the language.lua file.
  • Export functions for decors which can be used and set across other resources.


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