NoPixel-Hotwire | np hotwire

NoPixel-Hotwire | np hotwire



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NoPixel-Hotwire | np hotwire


What features does it have?
* Using lockpicks in order to hotwire vehicles.
* Breaking into vehicles using the lockpick.
* Easy to configure.
* Comes with taskbar & notification
* An option to search the vehicle for
keys or other items.
* Its own lock system so you don’t need to have few car keys resources in your server.
* /givekeys command that allows you to give your keys to other people.
* Your vehicle saves itself when you store it in the garage so when you take your car out you don’t have to hotwire it again.
* An option to aim your weapon at npcs and steal their car.
* You can also kill the npc and steal their keys.
* You can’t steal a car from a npc, he will just drive away if you will press F

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