NoPixel Oxyrun script
NoPixel Oxyrun Script [QB]

NoPixel Oxyrun Script [QB]



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NoPixel Oxyrun Script

NoPixel Oxyrun script

– All qb-target exports are built into the script
– Exchanging marked bills, rolls & bands of cash for clean cash
– Receive oxytocin to sell or use.
– Highly configurable, easy to add and change routes.
– Low MS (0.01 – 0.02)

Update 1.1
– Global Cooldown, Minimum Police Requirement & Run Cost have been added and can all very easily be configured!
– Locale with easily translatable text has been added!
– A Special, configurable item has been added, can be configured in the config.lua.
– Configurable Blips have been added!

Update 1.2
– Added ‘occupied’ route statuses, meaning if the cooldown is disabled and numerous people do the run at once, it won’t assign the same route to different people, furthermore if all routes are occupied, it won’t let you start the run at all

Update 1.3
– The Supplier Ped for each run will now spawn in different (configurable) positions on the map.




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