nopixel police script
NoPixel Police Gun Rack [QB]

NoPixel Police Gun Rack [QB]


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NoPixel Police Gun Rack

nopixel police script


  • To use keys you need to first cut them using cutting machine

  • To do that you need a ‘keycuttingmachine’ and make sure your citizenid is whitelisted.

  • Add a key (gunrackkey) to your inventory (script and will try to find an unused key).

  • Type the vehicle’s plate and you are done with key cutting.

  • Using key by itself won’t work it has to be in your inventory to let keybind or raidal menu to work.

  • After deactivation of job check, the radial menu will be deactivated and you can only open gunracks with keybind

How to Install

  • step0: Add images/policegunrack.png to qb-inventory/html/images
  • step1: Add Below code to qb-core/shared/items.lua
["policegunrack"] = {
     ["name"] = "policegunrack",
     ["label"] = "Police Gun Rack",
     ["weight"] = 15000,
     ["type"] = "item",
     ["image"] = "policegunrack.png",
     ["unique"] = false,
     ["useable"] = true,
     ["shouldClose"] = true,
     ["combinable"] = nil,
     ["description"] = "Gun rack for police vehicles"
-- optional if you want to open rack by keys
["gunrackkey"] = {
     ["name"] = "gunrackkey",
     ["label"] = "Police Gun Key",
     ["weight"] = 500,
     ["type"] = "item",
     ["image"] = "gunrackkey.png",
     ["unique"] = false,
     ["useable"] = true,
     ["shouldClose"] = true,
     ["combinable"] = nil,
     ["description"] = "A key to open gun rack"
["keycuttingmachine"] = {
     ["name"] = "keycuttingmachine",
     ["label"] = "Key Cutting Machine",
     ["weight"] = 40000,
     ["type"] = "item",
     ["image"] = "keycuttingmachine.png",
     ["unique"] = false,
     ["useable"] = true,
     ["shouldClose"] = true,
     ["combinable"] = nil,
     ["description"] = "A Machine to Cut Keys"

step2(optional tooltip): to add keys to inventory

  • open qb-inventory\js\app.js and find FormatItemInfo()

  • add it right before ending else

else if ( == "gunrackkey") {
     $(".item-info-title").html("<p>" + itemData.label + "</p>");
     $(".item-info-description").html("<p>Cutted Key<p/><p>Plate: " + + "</p>");

  • last step: ensure script after all dependencies ensure keep-gunrack (server.cfg)
  • if you did install keys make sure you have right config setup example:
     disable_job_check = true, -- <--- this value will disable job check
     use_keys_to_unlock_gunrack = true,


  • Add vehicle’s models or classes you want to get whitelisted
  • Customize rack size and durations




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