nopixel phone
📱 np-phone | 🤩nopixel phone | qbcore phone | fivem phone
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📱 np-phone | 🤩nopixel phone | qbcore phone | fivem phone



nopixel phone script free download | fivem phone free | qbcore phone free | nopixel phone script |np-phone 3.0

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np-phone 3.0 , fivem phone script for qbcore , nopixel phone for qbcore nopixel phone 3.0

nopixel phone


  • Garages app to see your vehicle details
  • Mails to inform the player
  • Framework : qbcore
  • Debt app for player invoices, Wenmo for quick bank transfers, Invoice app for legal invoices
  • Racing app to create races
  • MEOS app for police to search
  • House app for house details and management
  • Casino app for players to make bets and possibly multiply money
  • News app for news postings
  • Details tab for some player information at the palm of your hand
  • Tweets save to database for recall on restarts, edit how long they stay in config
  • Notepad app to make and save notes
  • Calculator app
  • Job Center and Employment apps just like the NoPickle

Setup Webhook in server/main.lua for photos

Set the following variable to your webhook (For example, a Discord channel or Imgur webhook)

To use Discord:

  • Right-click on a channel dedicated to photos
  • Click Edit Channel
  • Click Integrations
  • Click View Webhooks
  • Click New Webhook
  • Confirm channel
  • Click Copy Webhook URL
  • Paste into WebHook in server/main.lua

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