qbcore meth script
QBCore Advanced Drugs System

QBCore Advanced Drugs System



QBCore Advanced Drugs System, Fivem Drug Labs , qbcore drug labs , meth script qbcore

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QBCore Advanced Drugs System

qbcore meth script

QBCore Advanced Drugs System ,  Meth lab qbcore , Drug script qbcore,


  • 1 Script includes all 5 systems shown above.
  • All of the activities above can be made by anyone, players dont have to be in a “job” to do it.
  • Every activity includes detailed animations
  • Every activity has varied stages to complete it (some activities have 3 stages, some of them have 2)

Requirements / Dependencies

  • bob_74 Github 346
  • fivem-ipl Github 455

    These dependencies mentioned above are not made by me and have their rightful owners

    Notice: if you purchase the product the script will be handed in open format no encryption or obfuscation.

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