Smart Teaser Fivem Script
Smart Teaser [Standalone]

Smart Teaser [Standalone]



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Smart Teaser [Standalone]

Smart Teaser Fivem Script

Smart Taser provides an advanced and realistic taser experience with a host of features such as a fully synced laser sight and flashlight, full framework support including cartridge items and more!

Compatible with any server: Smart Taser works on any server including OneSync Infinity, OneSync and non-OneSync.

Full Features

Full Framework Support  – Unlike  _Taser Framework_, this works with all frameworks and as always it is standalone.

Interface  – The CID (Central Interface Display) is realistic and can easily show you which cartridges are loaded in the taser using custom icons.

Red Laser  – We’ve added a red laser so you can get precise aim on suspects. This is fully synced with all players so you can start red dotting criminals.

Flashlight  – The built in flashlight can easily be toggled and just like the laser, it’s fully synced. Using your taser at night has just become easier.

Cartridges  – Your taser can be loaded with two cartridges. We’ve added item support for QBCore, ESX and vRP so you can have taser cartridges as an item ready to load. On standalone, you’ll have an unlimited amount of cartridges.

3D Custom Sounds  – We’ve added custom sounds but this time they’re 3D, making the experience more realistic.

Taser Safety  – You can easily toggle your taser safety mode and the status of this will appear on the CID (interface). If enabled, you won’t be able to deploy your taser.

Taser Arc Mode  – You can drive stun other players without deploying your taser, provided you are close enough to them.

Manual Barb Removal  – The taser officer can easily remove the barbs from a player after deployment, preventing them from being reactivated.

Automatic Barbs Removal  – Taser barbs will automatically remove based on the distance the player is from the officer, leading to them ripping out.

Axon Audit Trail  – We’ve still got the Axon Audit trail through Discord, logging every usage of the taser. We also generate taser device and Cartridge ID’s for realism purposes.



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