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Easiest way is a VPS with at least Windows 2012 and 4 cores.

If you get this message within your heidi when trying to run the full sql then what you need to do is run the query below, then re run the sql

SET @@global.max_allowed_packet = 1048576*10;

You need to change essentiamode to the name of your database for it to load in to phpmyadmin for zap. And I would suggestion loading a bit at a time not all at once

You will find the whitelists in this script from FiveM Fourm

Also Use this Discord Whitelist – Download

Navigate to your FiveM server Folder > Resources > [esx] > EssentialMode > Server > Util.lua 11th, and 12th line edit to your liking. How do I edit paychecks?

Navigate to your database. Select job grades > Data tab > Change appropriately

If the cars a addon then you will need a stream folder with the car files inside a data folder for the handling and speed all these need called on the fx manifest , easiest thing to do is just copy how another addon car is already in the server and just change it for the new car Add it to the database under the appropriate shop and money. What i do is add a new category called addons then in the vehicles database add in a new car as below but the category i’ll change to addons

AMG GTR amggtr 180,000 addons

Name i want it called in shop —– spawn vehicle name —- price —- catagory

You have to be a FiveM Patreon before you can use EUP, 15$ level.

If you want to run a fivem server properly then rent yourself a VPS preferably one from OVH as I have personally used them for many years and can definitely recommend,

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