Death System [QB]

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Death System [QB]



Enhance the immersive experience of your FiveM server with our Death System script, a feature-rich addition that introduces realistic consequences to player deaths. This script not only brings a new layer of gameplay dynamics but also ensures an engaging and challenging environment for your community. Explore the key functionalities below:


  1. Death Bag and Looting Mechanism:
  • Upon a player’s death, a unique bag will be dropped at the location of their demise.
  • The bag contains the belongings of the deceased player, creating an opportunity for other players to loot valuable items.
  1. Intuitive Looting Interface:
  • The looting system is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing players to easily interact with the death bag to access its contents.
  • Looting can be performed seamlessly, providing an immersive and realistic experience for all players involved.
  1. Countdown Timer:
  • A visible countdown timer accompanies the death bag, indicating the remaining time before the bag disappears.
  • This adds an element of urgency and strategy for players, encouraging swift decisions on whether to loot or wait for potential adversaries.
  1. Dynamic Blip System:
  • A dynamic blip is displayed on the map, pinpointing the location of the death bag.
  • This feature facilitates quick and efficient navigation for players interested in engaging with the death bag or avoiding potential threats in the vicinity.
  1. Configurable Options:
  • The script is highly customizable, allowing server administrators to adjust various parameters such as lootable items, looting time, and bag visibility.
  • Server owners have the flexibility to tailor the Death System to suit the unique dynamics of their community.

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