Drug Addiction [ESX,QB]

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Buy Now Drug Addiction for esx and qbcore servers Drug Addiction | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality

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Drug Addiction [ESX,QB]

Drug Addiction [ESX,QB]

Drug Addiction [ESX,QB]

About the system | Embark on an unparalleled journey with our groundbreaking Enhanced Drug System for FiveM! This comprehensive system offers server owners unprecedented control over every facet of the drug experience, ensuring a fully customizable and dynamic journey for players.

The present system operates independently without any supplementary dependencies beyond the oxmysql and ESX or QBCore framework. Moreover, the system exhibits impeccable optimization, ensuring seamless and reliable functionality.


:herb: Configurable Drug Properties: Take command of every nuance of each drug, adjusting potency, effects, and addiction probabilities to craft a truly bespoke and dynamic drug landscape for your server.

:balance_scale: Dynamic Strength Accumulation: Immerse yourself in the realism of drug synergy with our dynamic strength accumulation feature. The cumulative strength of each drug introduces an evolving experience, transforming the highs and lows into a nuanced journey for players.

:syringe: Overdose Mechanics: Dare to tempt fate and face the repercussions! Excessive indulgence can lead to a perilous overdose, injecting an element of risk and challenge into the drug-centric escapades on your server.

:rotating_light: Addiction Alerts: Immerse players in the narrative with addiction alerts. Timely notifications and a visually engaging UI bar bring the addiction status to life, requiring players to navigate the delicate balance of drug dependency.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Dose Dependency: Introducing a dose dependency mechanism that demands players stay attuned to their character’s needs. Missing a dose could trigger withdrawal symptoms, enriching the gameplay with a layer of realism and strategic decision-making.

:eye_in_speech_bubble: Immunity Display: Stay informed with a UI display showcasing the player’s current drug immunity. This added detail enhances transparency and strategic planning, ensuring that each decision is made with precision.

:thermometer: Medicine System: Introducing a configurable medicine system, allowing server owners to create multiple medicine items. Tailor each medicine’s attributes to specify which addictions they cure, providing players with a lifeline to navigate the consequences of their choices.

:clapper: Customizable Drug Animations: For each configurable drug item, choose from four preset animations—syringe, smoking, sniffing, or pill-taking animations. Immerse players in a cinematic experience as they consume their chosen substances.

:wrench: Advanced Configuration Options: Fine-tune the drug experience with granular control over health and armor adjustments, effect duration, screenFX, speed multiplier, and even walking styles. Customize every aspect to curate a truly unique and immersive drug gameplay.

:man_running: Impaired Effects during Addiction: When addicted and in need of the next dose, players will experience a range of impairments—no sprinting, distorted vision, and an unstable, drunken gait. This adds a gripping layer of realism, forcing players to grapple with the consequences of their drug dependencies.

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