Drugs v8 [ESX]

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Drugs v8 [ESX]



  • Supplies Job:
    • As default there are 3 types of drugs; coke, meth and weed – however, you can add/remove as you please in config.
    • Players can start drug supplies job through an NPC, where player must kill some goons, lockpick and steal their van, bring it to another delivery location and move the supplies to another vehicle.
    • The jobs are most ideal with 2 or more players, perfect for roleplaying!
  • Drug Labs:
    • Add/remove drug labs on the map, specified with drug type and shell object type.
    • Gangs can roleplay as controlling them, police can raid the labs and bust players, as the labs are fully synced across all players.
    • Processing and packaging of drugs are all handled inside these labs, which are spawned shell objects.
    • You can add as many job locations, goons, weapon types etc. in config.
  • Processing:
    • Give required items for processing to the NPC.
    • After x configurable time the processed drugs can be collected, this can be collected by everyone, so players must protect their dope!
    • Only one player can process, so other players must wait till the NPC is done processing.
    • You can also convert drug items, simply add input/output items in a Config table and these can be converted on the go where ever you are.
  • Packaging:
    • One player at a time can package drugs.
    • There are some nice synchronized scenes for this part, which can be changed if you have the knowledge to.
    • If player has a high quality scale in their inventory, then a % of the total output amount is added on top of it.
    • For weed, you can roll packaged weed into joints if you have rolling paper in your inventory.
  • NPC Sales:
    • Players can sell their packaged drugs to NPCs around the map.
    • This part is very optimized compared to many other drug sale resources out there.
    • There is a /sell drugs command to enable/disable drug selling.
    • Chances, item amounts, reports and etc. is all configurable.
  • Drug Effects:
    • You can add as many drugs inside the drug effects table in config.
    • There are plenty of options to enable/disable and/or set.
    • Example: coke gives unlimited stamina and multiplies speed with 1.2 while under influence.

ESX Dependencies:

  • ESX 1.2 and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)


  • The resource is fully unlocked and not obfuscated.
  • It’s almost fully configurable and it’s done through the config.lua file.
  • Translation is done through the language.lua file.
  • Inventory icon images are included

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