Emotes (390+ emotes) Walkingstyles [ESX,QB]

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Emotes (390+ emotes) Walkingstyles [ESX,QB]

Emotes (390+ emotes) Walkingstyles [ESX,QB]

Emotes (390+ emotes) Walkingstyles, Keybinding, Dances, Expressions and Shared Emotes

start dpemotes


  • /e | /emote (emotename) = to do an emote
  • U key to Ragdoll (can be disabled in script, for servers that use it for other stuff)
  • X key to cancel emote (can be disabled in script, for servers that use it for other stuff)
  • /e c = to cancel emote
  • /emotemenu = to display a menu with all the emotes
  • F3 = to display a menu with all the emotes/other menus
  • /emotes = to display all emotes
  • /walks = to display all walks
  • /walk (walkname) to change walk style
  • /nearby (nearbyemotename) to invite nearby player to a nearbyemote
  • /emotebind (key) (emote) to bind an emote!


  • in Config.lua there are some options you can play with.
  • You can disable / change the keybind for the emote menu (F3) by default.
  • You can disable “X” to cancel emotes.
  • You can disable “U” to ragdoll.
  • You can disable the walkingstyles menu.
  • You can enable Disarming the player when they do an emote (just puts the gun away then does the emote)

Final notes

  • Feel free to edit the script and use it for your own stuff in anyway you want.
  • If you have any suggestions / fixes you can let me know here in the comments or in dms / pullrequests.
  • There are not that many emotes with props, as i havent found a way to easily figure out prop positioning, if anyone has any tips on how to do that easily, i would love to know.

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