Farming System V7 [ESX,QB]

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Farming System V7 [ESX,QB]

Farming System V7 [ESX,QB]

Farming System V7 [ESX,QB]

  1. 0.00ms Idle:
    • The script ensures efficient resource usage and minimal server load during idle times, maintaining optimal server performance.
  2. Framework Compatibility:
    • It works seamlessly with QBCore, ESX, and Ox Core frameworks, providing versatile support for different server setups.
  3. Unlimited Plants and Stages Support:
    • The script allows unlimited types of plants and their growth stages, providing a diverse farming experience for players. It comes packed with 14 preconfigured plants.
  4. Plants Death:
    • Plants can die if the players do not tend to their needs! make sure the plants have all the water that they need.
    • Plants can also “die” if they are not being harvested quickly enough this is by default set to 2x the growth time. (configurable)
  5. Fully Translatable:
    • The script is equipped with language support, allowing server owners to easily translate the in-game text to suit their community’s language preferences.
  6. Editable Framework Files:
    • All framework-related files are editable, offering server owners full control to customize the farming system to their liking and integrate it into their existing server configuration.
  7. Built-in Market System:
    • The script features a comprehensive in-game market system where players can buy and sell farming items, creating a dynamic player-driven economy.
  8. Random Spawn Areas:
    • After every server restart, the script randomly generates spawn areas where fully grown plants are ready to be harvested.
    • This feature adds excitement and unpredictability to the farming experience, encouraging exploration and interaction among players.
  9. Entity Lockdown Mode Support:
    • The script is safe to use with SetRoutingBucketEntityLockdownMode on relax.
  10. Server Security:
    • The Script is fully secure, and there’s no way for a hacker to give themselves any items or duplicate items through Renewed-Farming.
  11. Optimized Images:
    • The Script comes equipped with over 20 100×100 resized images, totaling 400 KiB

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