Highway Hawks Motors MLO

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Highway Hawks Motors MLO

Highway Hawks Motors MLO

Highway Hawks Motors MLO




Welcome to Highway Hawks Motors – Your Ultimate Biker Haven! Imagine cruising down a sun-drenched highway, the wind in your hair, and the purr of a powerful motorcycle beneath you. Now, bring that fantasy to life with “Highway Hawks Motors,” an extraordinary GTA V MLO interior that takes your roleplay experience to new heights. This isn’t just any dealership; it’s a biker’s paradise, a place where chrome gleams, engines roar, and dreams ride on two wheels.

Our dazzling open showroom welcomes you with its sleek design and a fleet of magnificent motorcycles, each waiting for its story to be written. Peek into our open workshop from the lobby, where the magic of motorcycle mechanics unfolds before your eyes. The scent of oil and the sound of wrenches echo the passion for perfection. Negotiate your dream ride in our plush office, where deals are sealed, and adventures begin. For our dedicated staff, the kitchen offers a cozy retreat, and a well-appointed bathroom ensures that everyone’s comfortable.


  • Entrance to Open Lobby with Welcome Desk: As you stride through the doors you’re greeted by a grand welcome desk, symbolizing the start of your journey.
  • Motorcycle Showroom: The expansive showroom is a spectacle of gleaming motorcycles, each with its own character, beckoning for a rider to take the helm.
  • Visible Open Workshop from Lobby and Office Room: With multiple lifts and workstations, watch as skilled mechanics bring motorcycles to life. Accessible through a rear garage door.
  • Parking Space in Front of the Dealership: The spacious parking area in front of the dealership ensures your prized possession is displayed with pride.
  • Office Room: Seal the deal in a professional office room.
  • Kitchen for Breaks and Lunch: The heart of team’s comfort, the kitchen, is a warm, inviting space for breaks and nourishing meals.
  • Bathroom: Reflecting the commitment to comfort and convenience, the bathroom is a space designed with care.


  • Total File Size: 16mb
  • Modified game ymaps: ch_mph3_add.ymap, ch_mph3_add_strm_0.ymap, cs1_occl_10.ymap, hei_cs1_05.ymap, hei_cs1_05_strm_1.ymap, hei_cs1_roads_pb.ymap, hei_cs1_roads_pb_strm_1.ymap, hei_cs1_roads_pb_strm_2.ymap
  • Modified game ybns: ch_mph3_add_4.ybn, cs1_05_1.ybn, cs1_05_3.ybn, hi@cs1_05_2.ybn, hi@cs1_05_3.ybn

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