Oil Rig Robbery [ESX,QB]

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Oil Rig Robbery [ESX,QB]

Oil Rig Robbery [ESX,QB]


  • Minimum Police Requirement & Global Cooldown.
  • Armed Security Guards (Fully synchronized across the server).
  • Loot Guard Peds for various items.
  • Weather and Time change (Changes only apply to players inside the oilrig).
  • Revive Kits that only work on the Oilrig. (Optional)
  • Fun and Unique puzzle/password minigame.
  • Pressure minigame, if you go too high something might explode. 👀
  • Lever Pulling minigame, with a different sequence each time!
  • Easily create as many passwords as you want for the Laptop!
  • multitude of hacks are required to get the password for the laptop and get massive rewards!
  • Steal Oil Barrels and sell them to gas stations across the map.
  • Highly configurable to adapt to your specific requirements.
  • Minimal latency (MS range: 0.00 – 0.01).
  • Included Locales for easy language swapping: English, German, French, Spanish & Arabic currently available.
  • Integrated, Detailed Logs: Know exactly who is doing what and when. (Optional) 
  • Should you choose to utilize ox_lib, the script will seamlessly integrate with its features! (notifications, progress bars, menus etc.)
  • Integrated Police Alert: Seamlessly works with ps-dispatch, cd_dispatch, core-dispatch, linden_outlawalert, and qs-dispatch. Just adjust one config and you’re good to go! If you don’t have any of them, you can very easily integrate your own Dispatch!


  • qb-core  (New & Old Supported) or es_extended (All Versions 1.3+)
  • qb-target / q-target / ox_target
  • K4MB1’s Oil Rig Map or NoPixel Map
  • sd_lib (Provided with every purchase!) (Open Source)


The Script has all of the below listed minigames as config options!

Config.MainMinigame requires one of the following:

  • hacking  (Default: enabled in the config)
  • mhacking 
  • ps-ui 

Config.SecondaryMinigame requires one of the following:

  • memorygame (Default: enabled in the config)
  • ps-ui
  • 100% Open source

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