Warehouse System [QB]

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Transform your FiveM roleplay server with our advanced warehouse system and witness the dynamic evolution of your server’s economy and roleplay depth.

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Warehouse System [QB]Warehouse System [QB]

Introducing the Ultimate Warehouse Management System for QBCore-powered FiveM Roleplay Servers

Warehouse is a feature-rich warehouse system designed for QBCore, a popular framework for FiveM servers. This script enhances the gameplay experience by introducing the concept of warehouses, where players can store their items and manage their inventory efficiently.

Elevate your FiveM roleplay server’s economy and logistics with our comprehensive warehouse management system, seamlessly integrated with QBCore. This meticulously crafted script empowers players to rent and manage warehouses, store and organize their valuable items, and engage in immersive roleplay scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Realistic Warehouse Rental System: Players can rent warehouses of varying sizes and prices, tailored to their storage needs.

  • Intuitive Inventory Management: Easily store, organize, and retrieve items within your warehouse, ensuring efficient stock control.

  • Secure Access Control: Protect your valuables with personalized PIN codes, ensuring only authorized individuals can access your warehouse.

  • Comprehensive Roleplay Enhancement: Facilitate engaging roleplay scenarios involving warehouse heists, contraband storage, and illicit goods trafficking.

Compatible with QBCore Framework:

Our warehouse system seamlessly integrates with the popular QBCore framework, ensuring a smooth and seamless implementation into your existing FiveM roleplay server.

Enrich Your Roleplay Server’s Economy:

Introduce a new dimension to your server’s economy by allowing players to rent and manage warehouses, creating a bustling logistics hub within your roleplay world.

Unleash the Power of Organization:

Empower players to effectively manage their inventories, keeping their valuables secure and organized within their personal warehouses.

Elevate Immersive Roleplay Experiences:

Foster captivating roleplay scenarios centered around warehouse heists, undercover operations, and the storage of illicit goods.

Transform your FiveM roleplay server with our advanced warehouse system and witness the dynamic evolution of your server’s economy and roleplay depth.


  1. 16 PreBuilt Warehouses: The warehouse comes with 16 pre-built warehouse locations, making it easy for players to choose a storage facility that suits their needs.

  2. Lease System: Players can own a warehouse for a period of 7 days. After this period, they must renew their lease to continue using the warehouse.

  3. Automatic Lease Expiry: If players fail to renew their lease, the script will automatically delete the warehouse, ensuring the map isn’t cluttered with abandoned warehouses.

  4. Warehouse Upgrades: Players have the option to upgrade their warehouse stash capacity, allowing them to store up to 5000 kilograms of items. They can also expand their warehouse slots, providing space for up to 110 items.

  5. Easy Warehouse Addition: Adding a new warehouse is hassle-free. Simply add coordinates in the configuration file, and the script will automatically execute the SQL necessary to create it.

  6. Warehouse Removal: Removing a warehouse is just as straightforward. Delete the coordinates from the configuration, and the warehouse will be removed from the map.

  7. Shared Stashes: Warehouses have shared stashes, meaning that if a player forgets to renew their lease and their warehouse is deleted, a new owner can access, remove, and use the items left behind by the previous owner.

  8. Admin Management: Administrators have the power to manage warehouses by using the /pullwarehousestash [warehouseid] command to access the contents of a specific warehouse.

  9. Customization: You can easily customize the default price, stash size, and stash slots through SQL to fit the needs of your server.


ox_lib:  Warehouse relies on the ox_lib library.


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